Tuesday, January 12, 2016

  We have recently realized the importance and benefit of regularly having companionship study. This is a great time to determine how and what to teach as we go through our schedule for each day. It is a spiritual uplift that is so valuable in our work. We have had some great visits and experiences this past week. Our new missionaries are working hard and giving us a number of families to visit. Each visit is unique and exciting.
  On Wednesday we had dinner with a Relief Society president in the fifth ward. She asked us to go to a nursing home and visit with a member of her ward who is quite lonely, blind, and so we went to see her. She has a wonderful memory and we talked about many people in her neighborhood. We also visited the mother of one of the sisters we know and visit. She is 97 years old and pretty sharp. She had a cold and wasn't feeling the best but we had a good visit. The nursing home was the same one Ruth's cousin was in for a number of years. It brought back a lot of memories and feelings from the days we spent much time there.
  One visit was surely directed by the spirit of the Lord. We have visited a less active sister several times. On Friday we pulled into her driveway as she was coming outside. We all went inside and had a great visit. She had been having some difficulties with her health but then she indicated she wanted to do something rather than play games on her computer all day. She said her bishop had asked her to get inviolved in family history or indexing before. We discussed some options and then set up a meeting for Monday to meet her at the stake center and look at some family history. She is very knowledgeable about her family and found some good information. We talked briefly about how to do indexing. She was really excited and we stayed for nearly two hours. Hopefully it will be a help to her in realizing what the Gospel has to offer in her life.
  Saturday night Ruth's sister Jennette's grandson Jonathan Dayton's family hosted a reception for he and his new bride Zanna. It was great to spend some time with the family and friends who attended the reception.
  Sunday we enjoyed the day with Keith and his family for the blessing of Elizabeth. What a sweet child and a wonderful blessing. We were a little concerned because as we left home there was snow falling and the Sardine Canyon can get bad quickly. As we approached the Wellsville park and ride it was snowing pretty hard, however, as we looked ahead two snow plows had just pulled onto the highway and we followed them all the way to Brigham City. As we returned home it was snowing at the Point of the Mountain area but then cleared off and we came on home on mostly dry roads.
  What a joy we are having in serving. We have talked a little bit lately about what life might be like when we complete our service in a couple of months. It appears that the ward building on 675 West is going to take some time to be repaired. We found out yesterday that our Stake Conference on Jan 24th will be held in the Tabernacle in Logan. That way they can accomodate those who want to attend and not have to worry  about simulcasting the proceedings over a closed circuit.

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