Wednesday, January 6, 2016

   Christmas was a wonderful time for us. We had a lot of good experiences doing the living Christmas card presentations. We were able to spend some time with Kaylene and the family then the day after Christmas we took Collette to Montana. The driving lane was clear so the traveling was not too difficult. We met grandma Pat in Butte, and she and Collette traveled on to Billings. We then went on to Helena. Korinne's  family were all there and we really enjoyed a couple of days with them. We went out to eat and played games and had a good time.
   On Wednesday we traveled to Butte and spent the night there before picking up Collette for the trip home on Thursday. We had a great time at Ken's. Little Gemma is growing up so fast and is as sharp and cute as can be. We enjoyed visiting with Ken and Sherri, Kylie and Katlin were both at home so it was a great time to visit there.
The roads coming home were all clear. We felt like it was probably the best winter traveling we have had going and coming from Montana.
  As we arrived home we were tired and some interesting news greeted us. The 675 West chapel is the newest one in the stake. On Christmas day a fire sprinkler pipe froze and broke. Since no one was around the building, the water was from two to four inches deep in the chapel and the bishop's offices, the cultural hall floor was soaked as well. Damage assesment is not complete but the estimate is that it will take two weeks to two months to clean up and repair the building. In the meantime, there will be four wards meeting in the Stake Center and four in our Blacksmith Fork building. That mean that the late wards will be meeting at 3:00 p.m. Last Sunday all the wards met in a two hour block but this week they are all going to meet for the full three hours.
  We decided to go to all the sacrament meetings in our building. We began the day in our ward and then also attended the other three sacrament meetings in the building. The most touching meeting was in the 14th ward. There is a young teenager in that ward who has some significant physical challenges. She struggles to get around with a walker and she has a difficult time speaking. She made her way to the front of the chapel to speak into the microphone. It was difficult to understand her words but her spirit was so strong that no one could question the depth of her testimony. She testified strongly as to her love of the Savior, the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the fact that the gospel is true and that we are led today by a prophet of God.
  What a great family! They have supported her and encouraged her to participate as fully as possible without putting any doubts in her mind that there are things she is unable to accomplish. We talked about her family previously when her younger brother was baptized and they all sang the song, "Gethsemane."
  Being away for a week, we are a little rusty with our work but we are determined to go forward with faith and finish strong.

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