Sunday, January 17, 2016

  This has been a good week. We have had some good visits and some that have been challenging at best.
  The most inspirational and exciting was on Wednesday night. We were invited to dinner with a young couple who have three children. They had invited a lady and her daughter to join with us for dinner. Following a nice dinner we shared a message about family and the importance of sharing our love for each other. The children in the family were so quick to bear testimonies of how much they loved each other and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed their lives. Later in the week we received a message from the family who invited us for dinner saying that the lady that had been invited really enjoyed the message and had committed to attend church meetings and become a member. We received word today that she kept her commitment of church attendance. We are sure that those children were a big part of having that sister feel the spirit and make those commitments.
   It looks like it will be a while before the 675 West building is ready for reoccupancy. In the meantime the three wards that have been displaced will continue meeting in other buildings that are available. We are just fortunate that there is room for them to meet in buildings in the stake.
  Our bishop called and asked us to speak in sacrament meeting today. We took some time to study and talk about how the Savior taught and then share some experiences we have had as we have tried to teach as He taught. We are so fortunate to have scriptures that have a record of His teachings and great examples of how to share the things that are important in the Gospel.
  We also had a great district meeting and a wonderful couples training meeting this week.
  Time is flying by, we have just two months and a week before our calling comes to a close. We will miss the association we enjoy with the people of our stake.

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