Monday, January 25, 2016

  Time just keeps going forward. We hope we are making the contributions we were called to accomplish. We feel like we have done what we can, sometimes we are a little let down by some of the responses we receive as we are out making contacts. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that everyone has agency. That principle was part of Heavenly Father's plan from the very beginning so we must honor that.
  We have some great people that really want to help us. We called on a member and asked about a couple of neighbors. He went right upstairs and changed into a suit and said, "Let's go see if they are home and we will visit." Neither one was home but he is going to follow up with both of them and see if there are any missionary opportunities available.
  There have been some wonderful opportunities to enjoy dinners in homes of people we know and love thanks to ward mission leaders. The weather has been rather snowy this past week and we thought we could find a lot more people home but we were disappointed in several places where people were still going on with life.
   Wednesday was a special day. The Church Missionary Committee sponsored a devotional; first one in over ten years. They wanted to reenforce the purpose of missionary work and give the missionaries all over the world a vision of what we need to do to be effective in this work. We were instructed on the theme, " Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts."
  We had wonderful talks from Elder Neil Anderson, Elder Bednar who taught a group of missionaries in the Ogden Utah Mission in a wonderful demonstration on how to use the power of the Holy Ghost in teaching. Bishop Waddell, Sister Oscarson, and Elder Clayton each took a subject related to the theme of the meeting and did wonderful presentations. The concluding speaker was Elder Oaks. He talked about the mandate the Savior left to teach all nations and baptize those who accept the message. We need to focus on encouraging faith unto repentance and testifying of Jesus Christ and His role as our Savior. It was a wonderful two hours of trainning.
  Thursday was District meeting since the devotional was held on Wednesday. We were able to find a few people home and share a message with them.
  On Thursday my sister Elizabeth posted a picture of she, her husband Harold with Lavon and Eldred and a neighor couple at the open house of the Provo City Center Temple. She said she was happy to be able to get tickets. That triggered my mind to check our the web site to see if any tickets were available for the next day. Wow, there were some available for Friday morning at 10:15. We planned to go to see Jessie in a play the next day so I grabbed two tickets and so we left early Friday morning for Provo. What a beautiful job of restoring the old Tabernacle into a temple. Everything about that temple is just outstandingly beautiful. There is a lot of beautiful wood, stained glass, and murals in the rooms. They have done a wonderful job in restoring the building to the 1800's decor and it is just a wonder how they have decorated such a wonderful peice of history. It will be a magnet to draw people to Provo.
  We had a great time with Keith's family and went to see Jessie in the play. "Thoroughly Modern Millie." Jessie did a very good job as did all the actors.
  Saturday night was the adult session of stake conference. It was a wonderful meeting focusing on creating faithful families. Elder Allen Packer and his wife were the visitors. Both gave great talks.
Our mission president and his wife spoke and I gave the cloing prayer for that meeting.
On Sunday we held Stake Conference in the Logan Tabernacle since our 675 West building is still not in operation. Sister Packer talked about the book, "My Family" We have talked to a number of families about that book and presented family history as well. Yesterday one of our ward missionaries wrote us and already had two appointments for us to present family history lessons.
This will be exciting.

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