Sunday, January 31, 2016

  Another week in the books, we don't have a great many weeks left to serve. We have already had some discussions about what the future may hold for us as far as church callings. That picture may have become a little more cloudy since there was a meeting tonight and the ward boundries in the East end of the stake were adjusted and the 16th ward was created. Many good 12th Ward members were put in other wards. We didn't gain any new members, but a lot of good members were relocated to another ward. There are always adjustments to be made, but we felt especially bad for some of the young people that feel badly that their friends will not be in the same ward any longer.
  We were excited to visit two families with My Family booklets as a result of Sis. Packer's talk in Stake Conference last week. With one family we worked on Family Search directly. They had a hookup so we could work on the computer and show the site on their television. The second couple had two children that were quite interested in the booklets, the parents were excited to help them find and record the information, find pictures and stories to include in the booklets.
  We had some great visits with those who had invited us for dinners. We became acqainted with some families we had not met before. It is wonderful to get acquainted with these special families.  We were invited to have dinner with two couples this week who have recently returned from missions. We enjoyed discussing missionary experiences with them. It is interesting how the Lord sends couples where they are needed, and how each have different kinds of experiences but all very similar because it is the work of the Lord.
  We visited some people who have had some health challenges recently. We also went to a viewing for the son of a widow sister we have visited several times who lost her son aged fifty-one to cancer.
  We had several names on our schedule to visit yesterday. However, those all got put on the back burner. Over night and during the day yesterday it snowed, and snowed. We ended up with about a foot of new wet snow. Much of the day was used blowing and shoveling our driveway and other driveways in the neighborhood. With that much snow it would have been very difficult to get around to make visits. In fact, the radio station announcer said if it was not necessary, to stay in off the roads, so that is what we did.
   We attended several meetings today including one meeting in the chapel that was damaged by the water from the previous cold snap. Most of the building is useable, but the cultural hall floor is still being replaced so that area is not available for use yet.
  One of the most interesting visits we made this week was to an older, less active member in the first ward. He grew up riding, roping, and shoeing horses. He hasn't been an active member of the church for many years. He was very willing to let us in and to tell us his story which was a blast from the past. His language was a little rough which reflected his lifestyle but he was welcoming and kind. We left him a message about how the Lord loves each of us, that he knows us, and wants to bless our lives. We found out at our dinner appointment that night that the new bishopric in his ward was planning to visit him that night. When they found out we had visited him during the day, they decided not to overwhelm him with another visit.

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