Monday, September 29, 2014

We took some time last week to have a day with family. On Monday we went to Eagle Mountain. Jessie and Caroline, Keith's girls were involved the inaugural color guard show for the year along with the marching band. They had concessions and then their show which they will present at band/color guard competitions during the coming season. They were quite impressive and we enjoyed the evening with the whole family until E.J came up missing. Fortunately we found him under the bleachers, he had found a bag of chips and was quite happy with that; unaware that he was lost.
We stayed over night and then on Tues. morning Keith examined our eyes. Fortunately, both of us have not had any major changes. He did suggest that George have someone look at a verruca that had formed on his right eye. He went to the dermatologist on Friday afternoon and had it removed. It seems to be healing very well.
Wednesday we had district meeting and transported one of our sisters for an afternoon with another companion. Thursday was an absolutely wonderful day. Elder Arnold from the Seventy and his wife came on a mission tour and spent much of the day teaching us how to be better finding missionaries. They were wonderful and there were some other great presentations by our mission president and his wife. One thing was very clear,our missionaries are very good at turning investigators into converts-we just need to ask and find more people to teach.Then when we ask them as investigators to commit to something, we must not proceed until they keep that commitment; otherwise they will not keep commitments following baptism; and conversion may not take place without them "climbing the ladder" of commitment which allows their testimonies grow so they will proceed to the next ordinance such as taking their families to the temple. A good reference for this process is D&C Section 20 vs 37.
Sister Arnold reminded us that every living prophet will speak during conference. She suggested we write down how we feel about the topic they address and and what we will do with the information they impart. Writing down questions or concerns one has and then listening for the answers in the talks is another good way to have the Lord reveal to people what they desire to know.
Friday we spent a lot of the day looking at our records and determining what visits we needed to make to strengthen those we have met. We then went, according to plan, and had some very good visits with people in their homes.
Saturday evening Ruth took several sisters to the General Women's meeting.
Sundays are always busy. We start early in the morning with our correlation meeting with Ward Mission leaders. This week we had asked them to come prepared to give the sisters some teaching appointments. Most of them fulled that assignment well.
We went to a ward council meeting then went into our ward's sacrament meeting because the Primary was putting on their presentation for the year. That is such an enjoyable and uplifting experience. We enjoyed it so much. Then we decided to attend another ward and they also had a Primary presentation. Each one is a little different but wonderful as the children speak and sing from their hearts. This week we are assigned to eat dinner with members of our ward, which is always a special treat. We are looking forward to some wonderful dinner appointments and we have some good things lined up already.

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