Thursday, September 18, 2014

Here we are near the end of another week. Last week was a good week. As always Sunday starts early and usually ends late. We have our stake missionary correlation with our ward missionaries and the sisters at 6:30 a.m. The biggest difference now is that I am in charge of the meeting agenda because our high councilman is in stake meetings about half the time. We attended three sacrament meetings and then in the evening I attended stake priesthood meeting. It was a great meeting reminding us of our responsibility to live to enjoy the blessings of the Lord by honorable priesthood service. A recently returned missionary taught us that "The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing." In other words, the Savior is the focus of our Church, we need to do all we can to keep that focus in our priesthood service. The father of the family from Mexico we have been teaching with the sisters attended the meeting and seemed to enjoy it.
Monday's we have a correlation meeting with the sisters and the Hyrum Stake senior couple, the Williams'. We usually have a meeting with a less active member in a members home in the afternoon. Tuesday is preparation day. We usually have a few hours to do laundry, yard work and other housekeeping items. On Wednesday we had a Senior Couple meeting in Ogden. We now have about 90 senior couples from 105 wards in the mission. We usually have a great pot luck luncheon and then a meeting. Elder Fisher who used to be a mission president in Montana talked to us about visiting those who are less active. He said just ask questions and get people to talk, Be bold in asking them about their church activity and invite them to come and participate. We also met in our area council for some instruction on using family history in our work. It was a good meeting. On Thursday we took one of our people to see his mother in Smithfield and picked up some pictures to scan for family history. Friday we took some time out and went to the temple. We had a fair number of sealings to do, that was very special. Most of them were family of Ruth's grandfather's natural family.
In the evening we met with a new convert to enter more of her family into family tree and make an FOR to do baptisms next week.
The highlight of the week was our Mission Conference held right here in Logan. Bishop Davies from the Presiding Bishopric, Elder Craig Christensen from the Seventy Presidency, and then Elder Holland. They all talked about how their missions affected their lives. Elder Holland spoke very directly to the missionaries and told them they need to stay true to the things they are teaching when they return home. There is no way they should every abandon their testimonies of the Gospel. He reminded the missionaries that there is no other group in the world that is prayed for more often in the councils of the Church than missionaries.
We have been trying to visit people in our ward in our open times to help them feel the love of the Lord and leave them with a thought. It has been a rewarding experience.

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