Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This was a wonderful week! We had dinners and appointments with our own ward members. It is always fun to go into homes where people know us so well. We had some great visits with some that we have been meeting with and some new people as well.
We had a wonderful district meeting this week. Our District Leader spent a lot of time talking about Jacob's ladder and how there are principles and ordinances that need to take place in order for each of us to ascend the ladder. Then we did some role playing on how to help people make and keep commitments. It was a very good exercise.
 We had a wonderful experience in the temple. Most of the couples in our area went to the same session.. We had lunch and then went to a session. The prayer circle was made up of all missionary couples. Only one couple was not from our council but they were senior missionaries. It is humbling that so often when prayers are said, there is mention of blessing the missionaries. We feel those blessings from the faithful who pray for us.
Wed. night we had a nice visit with a family who is not currently active in the church. The best part about it was that our Bishop accompanied us on the visit. We gave a message about the blessing of General Conference and left some coloring activities for the children to do while watching the Conference. On Thursday Ruth had an appointment to help a sister in our ward with family history and in the afternoon we attended a special screening of a new movie, "Meet the Mormons." It is a documentary focusing on six families in the Church and how the gospel affects their lives. We are hoping that it is well received when released to the theaters in the next week. The Church authorized the production of the film and all  the proceeds will be donated to charities. We also visited another family we had been meeting with regularly and encouraged them to watch Conference and  left the coloring pages for the children. Friday we had a wonderful visit with a family we feel very close to in our ward.
Of course the crowning event for the week was General Conference. There were so many wonderful talks given that it is hard to pick out a favorite. The great thing about our day is within days of the Conference a person can begin studying the talks online or print off the talks and study from a hard copy. One thing for sure, there is a lot to think about as you evaluate your life in comparison to the things the brethren have taught. What a wonderful thing to be able to hear from prophets of God every six months! God is not dead and He continues to speak to His children because he loves us and wants to help each of us realize our full potential. In this wicked world there is safety in the words of prophets. Of this there is no doubt.

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