Monday, September 8, 2014

The weeks fly by and we keep busy.  Last night our stake had their stake priesthood meeting. A newly returned missionary shared this thought from his MTC experience. He said the instructor gave a lesson, "The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing." In short, the purpose of missionary work is to bring others closer to Christ, so Christ is the main thing and we need to focus our efforts with that in mind. That is what we are trying to do. Some efforts seem more effective than others but we have to remember what Elder Christensen says in his book, success is in the invitation.
This past week we had meals with families in our stake, we had some wonderful meals and wonderful discussions with the families, encouraging their participation in missionary work. We had one discussion with a new member that went well. His family has some challenges and we are encouraging them to be fully active in their ward.
I spent several hours on Wednesday helping one of our people we are working with to move to an apartment in Logan. We visited him on Saturday, he isn't truly happy where he is so we are going to keep looking for an apartment in Hyrum so we can continue to help him become more active and be closer to people who are a good support system for him.
We decided we could do well by visiting with some of our ward member families. We have a young man serving a mission in Texas, early in the week we heard that he had a bike accident, so we stopped to see his family. It turns out that his right wrist is sprained badly and his left wrist is broken. The doctors manipulated the left wrist and are going to see if it helps the wrist to heal. If it doesn't respond naturally, then he will have to have surgery. We had several other good visits with member families that were quite enjoyable.
Saturday we had a wonderful experience. The sisters invited us to come with them to visit with a non-member family from Mexico who are visiting a member family in our area. One of the sons came a few months ago to stay for a with this family on a sort of exchange experience. He started taking lessons from our missionaries and his family in Mexico also met with the missionaries there. Our missionaries asked us to teach a lesson on family history. We went as scheduled and met the family. There were a lot of things going on so we didn't give them a lesson. We mostly got acquainted and shared testimonies with them, and they expressed their feelings about the Church with us. Last night the father attended our stake priesthood meeting. It was probably an eye opener for him because the talks were mostly about the power of the priesthood and the importance of keeping covenants. A member of the Stake Presidency served a mission in a Spanish speaking area and used several references to Spanish words as a reference in his talk. Another speaker just returned two weeks ago from a mission in Mexico and talked about some of his experiences there. It seemed that most of the talks were very well designed for our non-member friend. It will be interesting to meet with the family again on Sunday.

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