Sunday, May 4, 2014

Well, another week full of excitement. We spend a lot of time with our sisters planning visits and correlating our work. Wednesday brought a big change. We have two stakes in Hyrum, until Wednesday we had a set of missionaries in each stake. Some adjustments were made on Wednesday which left us with our sisters with the responsibility to cover both stakes. On Thursday we met in a zone meeting and enjoyed meeting most of the other missionaries in the south area of the Valley.
Friday was our biggest day. One of our sisters had the opportunity to go to the temple with someone she had worked with and so we went with the other sister on teaching appointments and follow up visits. Wow, a big night but fun time. The most exciting time was meeting with a sister in our ward that was baptized last Saturday. She is from the Philippines and wanted to know about family history, so we talked about some of the scriptures on the topic and Sister Castleton  registered her on Family Search and showed her some of the basic things on Family Tree. We really enjoyed the evening.
Today was a huge day! We had a stake missionary correlation meeting which is usually held every Sunday at 6:30 a.m. Because of the loss of our one set of missionaries we met with our Stake Presidency along with the Hyrum Stake Presidency and others to see how we could cover the gap left because of losing the other set of missionaries. Our stake president and then decided he wanted to meet with us, our sisters, and our stake mission leader to fine tune what could be done to get the work accomplished in some sort of orderly fashion. We then had the opportunity to go to a sacrament meeting where three young people who were baptized last Sunday evening were confirmed. We then went to our ward for priesthood meeting and relief society. This afternoon we have studied, planned our week and vegged out a bit.
We have another busy week ahead with meetings and training so we look forward to more good things ahead.
We are so grateful to the Lord for His blessing us with the stamina and health to accomplish what He has for us to do. We appreciate the faith and prayers of leaders and our families to keep us in the right way, and hopefully doing what we should to build the Kingdom of God in our area.
Have a good week. Be Faithful, Be Obedient and the Lord will bless you as well.
Elder and Sister Castleton

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