Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

This is what it is all about!
Two dedicated missionaries find a family, two boys are baptized by their father and a younger brother given a name and a blessing. The family is now looking toward the temple as the next step in their eternal progression.
On Sunday we met in our missionary correlation meeting with our ward mission leaders, and full time missionaries. Then we met with our Stake Presidency and the Hyrum Stake Presidency to try to figure out how to keep the work going smoothly since we lost a set of Elders from the Hyrum Stake in this last transfer. We have a lot of planning and organization to do in order to keep the order of the work moving forward. We met with our sisters and the couple from Hyrum Stake on Monday to correlate the schedules that had been discussed on Sunday.
 We had a senior couples meeting in Ogden on Wednesday. What a great meeting! There were 68 couples at the meeting. What a wonderful, sight to see all these couples dedicated to "Hastening the Work of Salvation." After we came home we were invited to our Stake Bishop's training meeting where we were officially introduced as full time missionaries and participated in a discussion of how to go about doing the work of the Lord in our Stake. The Stake Presidency shared their vision of this work with the bishops of the Stake, and how we can work together to meet the goals they have in mind.
  We drove our sisters to Ogden for a sister training session on Friday.After we helped to prepare the luncheon for the sisters we then went to a local restaurant for our lunch. One little girl kept looking at our badges and Sister Castleton engaged her in a conversation about being missionaries. It was so sweet and thoughtful. Made quite an impression on the little one. As we were leaving another family came in and another little girl immediately pointed to our missionary name tags and her mother explained that older people can be missionaries as well. The mother explained that both she and her husband had served missions and the little one was enamored with missionaries.
Following the baptism on Saturday, we celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary with a temple session and a dinner at Olive Garden, thanks to the generosity of our daughter. Wow, the food was great and the waiter asked about the occasion since we were dressed up. Later the manager came by and told us to order a dessert on him to celebrate. How kind was that? We ordered the strawberry cheesecake. What a delicious rush to finish off a wonderful meal.
 We spent Mother's Day with our family in church and then had a nice meal at our home, and enjoyed visiting for the afternoon.
This week will be much busier because we are splitting some meal dates and visits with our sisters, so along with the normal meetings of the week, we have a pretty busy schedule. Looking forward to a great week.


  1. We love hearing of your experiences! Sounds like you're helping good things to happen. We pray for you every day.

    1. Thanks Sis, we appreciate your faith. We feel good about what we are doing