Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MTC experience

We thought we should let you know a little about our experience last week at the Senior MTC. It was obvious when we pulled into the campus that things were well organized. Park here, go there, do this and report there when you are done. Everything was well laid out and it was not difficult to be where you were supposed to be.
There were about sixty seniors in the group we were in. We were divided into districts of four couples with a leader for the week. We learned a lot about each other and where they would be serving (many at home like our calling and some in various areas of the world with differing and varied assignments.) We soon met our teachers who were young returned missionaries who loved to teach, and they were very good at what they did. Every Tuesday night there is a devotional meeting. The speaker is never announced until the day of the devotional but it is always a General Authority. Our Tuesday devotional speaker was Dallin H. Oaks of the Twelve and his wife. His wife left her dying mother to accompany Elder Oaks and speak. They were both very inspiring and practical in their counsel. Elder Oaks focused on how to be worthy and effective as missionaries. He talked about being worthy of having the Spirit and having the Spirit carry the message of truth to those who were taught. Role playing was a vital part of the training. It is hard to do but important. Two things we learned were that the Spirit can guide you even when you or the people you talk to are playing a role. Secondly, we learned that once you get acquainted with someone, you can determine in a short time what their greatest need is and prepare a meaningful discussion that will help them know that God loves them and wants most of all for them to be happy in families. Satan is alive and doesn't want happy families but since the family is the most important unit of society in time and eternity, the Lord will bless those who are willing work hard to maintain righteous principles and harmony in their homes.
It was exciting to see the excitement in the faces of the young missionaries who are learning the same things we were learning. Many of the younger missionaries also learn a new language while there.
We interacted with these young people mostly in the cafeteria at meal times. The meals were just like the rest of the experience. Tasty meals, good variety and a great opportunity to get better acquainted with others.
It was wonderful to be there and so great to get home to familiar surroundings.
We had a lot of wind and rain while we were gone but no damage to our home. We mowed the lawn before we left and fertilized it. With all the rain and some warm weather, the lawn is out of control. However, we have some wonderful friends that have a riding lawn mower that asked if they could mow the lawn for us. What thoughtful people! We are so blessed.
Well, we'll try to give you a fairly regular update. We don't have a huge schedule at this point but we have some assignments and things are already starting to take shape for being quite busy.
Best wishes to all!

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  1. Well done good and faithful servants. Great blog. This is the perfect way for us to keep up on your service. Thanks for your examples:)