Wednesday, May 21, 2014

      Last week was a busy week of missionary work.  We had some great experiences out among the people. We went into homes of active members to spread the word that we are full-time missionaries ready and willing to help them with their missionary work.
     We visited one family that are converts to the church.  They joined several years ago.  The husband explained that it was the spirit that guided them to the church.  He was searching for the truth for a long time.  With fervent prayer to Heavenly Father, he made a connection with a man with whom he worked (member of the church)  that studied doctrine with him and gave him several gospel topics to seek out in his study.  It was an amazing journey for him.  His wife at the same time was studying with the missionaries and gaining a testimony.  The husband was working away from home so their quest for the truth was separate, yet they both found the gospel.  Presently they have a daughter serving a mission and a son who served a mission previously.   It was a very spiritual meeting with them.
     Just this morning we received an email from a sister who had us to dinner last week.  After dinner we gave the family a short lesson on being member missionaries.  It was fun to visit with the children about being missionaries. The sister said in her email:  "Oh how we enjoyed having you over!!!!  I have to share what your example encouraged my children to do.   On Sunday, Bodey was walking home from church when he saw a friend of his out playing.  He asked Kayson if he had been to church that day in which Kayson replied, no 5 year olds don't got to church.  My Bodey replied back well I am 5 and I went to primary today, it was fun you should come too!!!!  Thank you for setting a great example for my children, we hope you and yours can be in our home again soon!!!!" 
     We feel so blessed to be of service in the Lord's work.

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