Wednesday, March 23, 2016

  Well, the day has arrived. We had made arrangements with the stake president to meet following the caucus meetings last night. Since we were in different precints, we were a little nervous that he may get out before we did. Well, that came true, apparently he was in his office over an hour before we arrived. He was fine with that, he said their meeting lasted about an hour.
  It was interesting that as we left the afternoon temple dedication meeting on Sunday that a member just around the corner from us approached Ruth and asked her if we could come over Monday night and show them around the Family Search site. Of course we could and we had a wonderful discussion with them. The father was so excited that he installed Family Search Tree on his phone and tablet. The mother and one daughter were especially excited with the lesson. As we introduced decendancy research the mother found three or four names that needed temple work and we didn't even go all the way through her four generation list to see what others might be there. That was a fun evening for the last lesson of our mission.
  Our meeting with the stake president was wonderful! He asked each of us to share a special experience from our mission that stood out in our minds. He was very complimentary with his remarks about how we had been faithful in our calling and how many lives we had impacted with our lessons and examples of service. He then asked if I would join him and give Ruth a blessing and a release. He was so warm and thoughtful as the spirit directed him to thank the Lord for her service and example to many in our stake. He then paused as he put his hands on my head and gave me a similar blessing. He asked the Lord to bless our family and asked Him to bless us as we continue in our service wherever we are called.
It was such a sweet blessing, afterwhich he presented us with our letter and certificates of release. What a wonderful ending to a great experience that will continue to bring sweet memories as we associate with the people of our stake.

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