Monday, March 7, 2016

We had a good week, time just marches on. We had a goodly number of teaching appointments in spite of aome other things like doctor appointments to keep us busy. As we talk about who we should see each day, we realize how many people we have come to know and love during this two year time span. When we realize that in two weeks we will be released, we realize we probably will not get to see everyone we want to visit.
  Thursday was a day of surgery and recovery. Ruth had her other cataract surgery. Things went much better than the first one. Because the doctor was going out of town on Friday, she had a post op on Thursday afternoon, only a few hours after getting home from the hospital. Already her vision was 20/30 and the eye was still dialated. They didn't seem to put as much medicine in the eye this time and her dialation didn't last nearly as long as the first one. One comforting thing was that our home teacher asked if he could come and visit on Wednesday night. He and I gave Ruth a blessing. Even though she had a blessing before the first surgery, things are just better this time.
  We did get in some good lessons and visits. Our Monday evening lesson with the returning family was just great. They really enjoy having us come and asked us to come as long as we can. We had another lesson scheduled with a young lady who is returning as well, but her mother's car broke down and she was gone to pick up her mother from work. Later in the week we saw them coming home, had a good visit and set up another teaching appointment for this week.
On Friday we met with our young man who was recently baptized. He and the family were excited with My Family booklets and our discussion about filling out the information and learning more about their family.
 Saturday we went to several child of record baptisms and then we drove to Eagle Mountain to celebrate Keith's birthday. Ruth had crocheted an afgan for him and wanted to deliver it and celebrate. While there we were able to go to a vocal presentation where Jessie performed a number which she did very well.
Sunday was a busy day. We attended three sacrament meetings, our mission coorelation meeting and then had dinner with our Stake President. We discussed and demonstrated how to fill our My Family booklets on line. We really enjoyed our evening with their family. The President said they were struggling a bit to find a couple to take our place. We gave him the names of two couples he could consider. He was happy for that information.

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