Sunday, March 20, 2016

  This has been one busy week but a great way to finish. We had as many lessons this week as we have had in any one week. We taught 17 lessons. We taught a young lady who is working her way back into the Church four lessons this week, at her request. She is studying the scriptures on a regular basis and has taught us some wonderful insights into what she has been studying.
  The other exciting lesson was one with the family we have been working with. The son has been meeting with the bishop and has determined a schedule for completing missionary papers. The father has made a definite commitment that he wants to receive the Melchizedek priesthood so he can have the blessings of the temple with his family. The family has made tremendous progress in the few weeks we have been meeting with them.
  One other exciting visit was to a less active member who is a returned missionary. We feel like his is creeping closer to activity but still has some family issues to resolve to make a meaningful commitment. When we saw him this past week, he asked us to let him know when we give our talks in our ward. He said he would like to attend the meeting when we speak.
  There are many feelings that arise when change is imminent. We feel good about our service and we will sorely miss the great people we have learned to love. We have tried to meet most of the people we have become closest to and one couple even took us out for lunch this week. We will miss our interactions with our  Senior Elders and Sisters as well as the young missionaries of our great mission. We treated our Elders to a meal at Olive Garden on Tuesday evening, we all enjoyed the meal as well as the time together. In our District Meeting this week we were given a Book of Mormon with some notes from other senior couples. Our senior leaders also presented us with embroeried towels from the mission. At the end of our meeting our young district leader asked us to bear our testimonies. Last night one of our senior couples came for a visit with a nice note and a loaf of homemade bread.
 Today we tried to see as many people from the stake as possible by attending all three sessions of the Provo City Center Temple dedication. We saw a goodly number of people and enjoyed each one of the dedication services. Each one was similar but each had different speakers and different experiences, each was wonderful. Elder Dallin H. Oaks conducted every session. The music was well done by small choirs in every session. How unbelievable it is to think when Pres. Monson was sustained to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, there were twelve temples operating in the Church. With the dedication today there are 150 operating temples. A majority of people in the Church live within two hours or less from a temple.
  As I was typing this blog, we received a call from our stake president. He will meet with us on Tuesday night to give us our official release.

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