Sunday, January 4, 2015

I completely spaced it last week and didn't get anything written. It wasn't like we were so busy, it was just an oversight.
During the week of Christmas we made several visits mostly to members to share the video "He Is The Gift." It was great to share thoughts and testimonies of the Lord, Jesus Christ and the effect of His birth for each of us. We also talked some about family history to see about future appointments to get people more involved in that phase of "Hastening the Work."
 One of the choicest experiences was to go to a baptism on Christmas Eve. This sister, Selma, has only been in the area for a short time but she lived with a member family and they had some Gospel discussions and she immediately asked to have the missionaries come and teach her. She has moved already to Salt Lake to live with her parents and fight for custody of her children. We are praying she will find acceptance and continue her progress in the Gospel.
We only had one dinner appointment during the week but it was great, a family invited their neighbor to join us for dinner and we had a great discussion after we showed them the Christmas video "Glad Tidings of Great Joy."
We had a wonderful Christmas, we had Christmas Eve with Kaylene, Ron, Hallie and TeTe. Then on Christmas Day, Keith and his family came in the afternoon and stayed overnight. Christmas is for children and we enjoyed having them in our home.

The week following Christmas was a very cold and stormy time. We did get out and make some visits but it wasn't as busy as we would like. We had a couple of dinners with member families. We always enjoy sharing video messages with families and discussing the Gospel with them following our meals. The members are always so kind and generous with us.
One of the highlights of the week was a meeting with a couple who have recently moved to Hyrum.
Both of them were adopted and are interested in finding some information on their birth families.
We met them at the family history center in our stake, The brother was so excited when we got him signed into Family Search. He knew some information because he had lived with a natural grandmother for some time. He was able to add to that knowledge by looking at some of the pictures and stories that have been entered into Family Search/Family Tree. How exciting it is to be able to find your family and feel the connection with them.
Surely the birth of the Savior has a great impact on lives of those who are searching for truth and light.

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