Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas to all!
We had a very exciting announcement this week. On Tuesday our mission president sent out a mass text. He had just been informed by the brethren that as of July 1 this year, our mission will be split. We will have the Utah Ogden Mission and the Utah Logan Mission. It will be fun to see how this all evolves but it is an indication that the work is getting done and we are excited.

Even though people are busy, we have had some good visits this week. Several really nice visits were part of our meal schedule with members, but we also attended our own ward's Christmas party and were able to see several people that we haven't seen very often recently. Yesterday morning another ward had a Christmas breakfast and program. Many of the children came in their pajamas. It was a good meal and a very nice program, mostly the Primary children and they did a great job with their music and their costumes.
Last week we met a family that have just moved to the area and are returning to Church activity. They both come from broken families and are anxious to see if we can develop some information on their natural families from Family Search. Their records have now been transferred so we will be able to meet with them soon and see if we can find some information for them.
We also met with a newly baptized member at the family history library in our Stake and with her membership number in hand were able to find three of her ancestors who need some temple work done. She is going out of town for the holidays and so we will be going to the Brigham City temple with her just after the first of the year to do their baptisms. We would go to Logan but they will be closed for two weeks for maintenance etc. This is a special thing for our new members to be involved with as they begin to learn more about what their membership in the Church and are able to participate in the ordinances for their family members who have gone on before.

The Lord is so good to us! We were on the way to make a visit yesterday and on Main Street in Logan, we had moved over to a right hand turn lane. All of a sudden a pickup truck swerved into our lane from our left side and we nearly ran into the curbing. Fortunately we were able to avoid a collision, only
by the grace of God, but we didn't hit the curb and the truck barely missed us.
Today we were able to attend our own ward for their Christmas program in Sacrament Meeting. We stayed for the block and really enjoyed all of the meetings. As the roll came around for High Priests I realized that is the first Priesthood class I had attended in our ward this quarter. We often attend three Sacrament Meetings and a couple of gospel principle classes.

As we have shown the film "He Is The Gift",we have come to realize more fully how important the Savior is to our eternal salvation, and how difficult it must have been for Heavenly Father to allow His Son to go through what He had to do in order for us to enjoy the blessings of the atonement. Such and unselfish gift to each one of us and all He asks us to do is to keep his commandments so that we may enjoy peace in this life and happiness forever after.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to know why we are here and what great possibilities are before us.

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