Monday, January 12, 2015

We had a great week, we actually taught more lessons than our sister missionaries. We are getting referrals from our ward councils through our ward mission leaders. We really think we will meet the goals the Stake Presidency has set for us this year. There is a lot of work to be done but the work is progressing nicely.
The highlight of the week was unquestionably on Tuesday. We were able to go to the temple in Brigham City with Karen. With some help from Sis. Castleton, she was able to identify three women ancestors for baptisms. Elder Castleton baptized her and both sister missionaries were baptized for five temple names. It was a wonderful day. Karen has only been a member for a month and we asked her how she felt in the temple, she said, "I feel very blessed." Sis. Matheson and Sis. Bowman were both happy to have the opportunity to do baptisms as well. It was kind of a last hurrah for Sis. Bowman who was transferred from our area the next day. We will miss her.
  Thursday we had an appointment set up with an elderly member of the Fourth ward. When we arrived there was a note saying she had to take her son to the doctor and since the appointment was set up by a member of the ward council, she didn't have a telephone number to call us. Well, we used the technology we had learned in Zone Study that afternoon. With our new phones looked up what other members lived on that street and realized we were next door to a family we knew and so we stopped in and had a wonderful visit. This couple had served a mission in New Jersey and while there, the sister fell down some stairs and ended up in the hospital, when she was able to travel they returned home, and she hasn't really been very well since then.
As we completed our visit there and started toward our car, the sister we originally went to see returned home, she spotted us and came down the street to greet us. She invited us to come to her home where we had a wonderful visit.

Thursday evening we met with two member families to discuss family history. The children really enjoy getting involved with "My Family" booklets. The neat thing is, once they fill in the pages, with a little help from parents,then the information can easily be put into  Family Search.
    Friday we had another good day.Ruth worked with a member on a family history problem. We then called on an elderly lady who lost her husband a year ago. She was so grateful for the visit. She has family close by but she really appreciated our visit. We shared a message with her and just enjoyed sharing family experiences. Following a great dinner with a missionary minded family we started home and the sisters called us and asked us to go on a visit to some new members in our own ward. We gladly accepted and visited a family that has only been here a few months. They are renting and were just told they needed to move because the owners were selling their home. We shared a message and prayer which was a special experience. The sisters asked if they knew anyone else we could visit and they said the people next door had been there only a short time and they didn't know if they were members or not. We knocked on the door and the brother opened the door, invited us in and said, "I'll get my wife." We weren't sure at that point if they were members or not. The wife and a son were downstairs watching a movie. They came up and we had a wonderful visit. They are members and have been attending Church. On Sunday night we attended a stake baptismal preview and this son and his mother were there and were happy to see us. That was a wonderful experience!

Sunday we attended two ward council meetings and a sacrament meeting, then went to Richmond to hear Merinda Dayton report her mission in Finland. It was a wonderful day with family and our son Keith and his family drove up from Eagle Mountain to join us.

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