Monday, December 1, 2014

This past week was family week which was a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. We had transfers on Wednesday and now we have a big job. We were sharing sisters with the Hyrum Stake and now they have their own set of sisters and we have ours. That means that everyone has to step up their finding activity to keep our sisters busy. We have a great leaders and we have already met with the Stake President and yesterday morning, the full Stake Presidency to map out the expectations of bishops and ward mission leaders. Next Sunday our stake missionary correlation meeting will be focused on new goals and expectations. The Stake Presidency has sent out invitations to all bishops to attend this meeting, we feel that it will be exciting to get everyone on board and have the results we need to make sure our sisters are so busy that the Mission President will not even think about us sharing or taking our sisters out of our stake area.

We had wonderful opportunities to share our message with several families during the week. Most of our messages were with members who invited us to dinner with them. We always encourage them to invite their friends to attend church activities and to be aware of any non members who may be interested in hearing the Gospel. We have been sharing a wonderful Thanksgiving video from Mormon Messages via Ruth's tablet and speaker. What wonderful technology to spread the Gospel. One of the most memorable meals with a family happened on Tuesday night. The father said something about the ranch in Dillon, Montana. I asked him about that and found that his father was serving as bishop in McKinnon, Wyoming when I was a missionary there. I am pretty sure my companion and I spoke in the ward and had a meal with his family. In figuring it out, this brother was not even born when I was there. We talked about a number of people we all knew from Dillon and just had a wonderful evening together.
On Saturday night we had dinner with a family that said it was the first time they had been able to feed the missionaries. We had a great time in their home, they also had also invited a young couple and their baby to join us for dinner. We always hope that the experience will be a good one and that they will invite missionaries to return.

Ruth baked bread and rolls for Thanksgiving dinner, which we ate at Hallie's and TeTe's apartment.
Ruth had in mind a couple of families she felt needed a lift and we delivered some rolls and a loaf of bread to these two families. They were surprised, and grateful for the thought.

Keith and his family came for Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful weekend with our family. What a blessing! Kaylene, Ron, and Collette joined us for dinner. On Friday night we had everyone at our home for dinner and then we all went to the Green Canyon Stake Center in Logan where they had a live nativity and a marvelous display nativity sets from around the world. Wow, it was impressive!

 One of the highlights of the week was Saturday night. My good friend and fishing buddy has a daughter that has been out of the Church for 28 years. She recently decided to return so she invited the missionaries and they have had the discussions and committed to be re baptized and was able to fill all the requirements for that to happen.  She had a room full of family, friends and missionaries at the services. It was a heartwarming and spiritual occasion! We are so happy for her and her family that this has taken place now.

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