Monday, November 24, 2014

This week was an "off" week where we didn't have meals with ward leaders and members. In spite of that, we had some great visits and met some wonderful people throughout the stake.
On Monday we visited several families in our neighborhood and had a call from a brother that we have worked with quite a bit to tell us he is again trying to get into an apartment. He wanted us to know how he appreciates those who have been willing to help him as he struggles.
Tuesday is preparation day so we worked around the house and then made some visits. We had been asked to visit a family where the mother just found out she has cancer. As we arrived her husband was just taking the daughter to Y W and that his wife had just had her first chemotherapy treatment and was pretty sick. We appreciated the optimism and faith that things would work out for her.
The Green Canyon Stake in Logan is having a Christ Centered Christmas with a display of nativity sets and four live nativity performances. We have been visiting people and leaving invitations to this event which will be on Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving.
We visited one couple who lives in a rather remote area of the stake we had been in the area before but we were not sure where the house was so we waited to visit during the day. What a wonderful couple, they have been on a mission to New York doing imaging of records. He met us at the door and said something like, Mormon missionaries? We are Baptists but you are welcome to come in.
We had a great visit about their mission and our mission and talked about family history. We visited some of the widows we have become acquainted with and invited them to the Christmas display. One of the most interesting visits was to a less-active High Priest. He was especially interested in why we were there and who sent us. He said he doesn't hear well enough to attend church meetings but we left him a message. We had a good day and met more wonderful people.
Thursday was a stormy day but we persisted in our visits. We visited a neighbor family with two little girls and left a message and an invitation for the nativity program. We then visited a family that has been in Hyrum for a long time. They were so welcoming and after we left our message they said if we needed a warm place or a meal just stop in and we would be welcome anytime. What a great family!
Friday we visited mostly in our neighborhood with several members, we enjoy keeping our neighborhood families in touch with our work. We miss being able to attend many ward functions so it is good to touch base with these good people.
Saturday was another snowy, wintry day but we pushed on. In the afternoon we attended a mini MTC with the youth in the Fourth Ward. We participated as investigators with a companionship who taught us and then we suggested some things that they could do to make their presentation more effective. In just one day, they had developed a great presentation and showed confidence, we were impressed.
They fed us an international dinner and then we went out to try to make some more visits.
Next week is transfer week so we are anxious to find out what changes will take place.

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