Thursday, November 6, 2014

We are having an enjoyable time meeting new people throughout the stake. What a blessing to meet these people that otherwise we would not have the opportunity to know. We love the opportunity to help our sister missionaries as well. They are a great companionship and are working hard. They have had some challenges with their apartment. The bishop and the stake president have been working together and the sisters now have an apartment with new beds, new paint, new lighting fixtures and new carpet. They still have a few spiders coming in but nothing like before all this work was done.

Our full time missionaries in the area hosted a musical fireside on Sunday night. It was a wonderful presentation and very well attended. As far as we could tell, there was not an empty seat in the Logan Tabernacle. We spent some time visiting some of the people we had already visited and others in our area and invited them to the fireside. The office received some telephone calls commenting on the quality of the presentation.

Our dinner appointments this week were in the 14th ward. They are very hospitable and kind to the missionaries. They have a ward mission leader who is very dedicated and works hard. There was a sad event in their ward early in the week. A girl three years of age by the name of Nicole Peterson passed away. She had leukemia and had spent a third of her life as a patient in Primary Children's Hospital. What an ordeal for their family. However, the faith of the family and the support from ward members was wonderful. The funeral was held on Saturday and the building was filled to capacity.
Probably the most touching moment was when her father spoke and gave his testimony of how her illness and death has increased their testimony of the Savior. Included in the program was a beautiful song by Bro. Prasek who used to sing in the Tabernacle Choir sang so beautifully; "Comin Home."
The final musical number was a couple of people from the hospital music therapy program that sang a personalized selection from the movie; "Frozen" LET IT GO.

One visit we made was successful. We visited a single brother who had gone to the temple recently. He was excited that someone would pay attention to him and he apologized for not being in church recently. He said he would be in church on Sunday and we were happy to be able to greet him there.
Friday (Halloween Day) we took the sisters to Ogden for a meeting and then straight back to a baptism. This baptism has been in the pipeline for sometime. Finally this couple decided they would be married in the afternoon and the husband and the woman's son would be baptized later in the day. Everything went together and the took place. The sister's mother came all the way from Missouri to attend the baptism and bore her testimony. Several of the sister missionaries who had worked with this family were able to attend the services. It was good to see all of them again.

On Saturday, following the funeral, one of our bishop's baptized his son in a very nice baptismal service. We were happy to be there for that event.

We had a family history demonstration with a family in our ward and then on Saturday evening, we made a presentation to the  Fourth Ward Primary about getting started on family history. This was a family event with a nice group of children and their parents. The children seemed excited and asked a lot of questions.

The Lord has been very kind to us and we appreciate the opportunity to be of service in His kingdom.

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