Monday, October 20, 2014

 Our weeks when we have meals with ward members is always very good. The members feed us well and we have an opportunity to make visits with the people who invite us to dinner. We were whitewashed in the transfer. We have a brand new sister and her trainer who hasn't been out an extremely long time. The new sister hit the ground running. The first day she was here she went to a discussion with a member who had made an appointment with a neighborhood friend. The member reported to us that the new sister gave part of the lesson and bore her testimony. We found out today that she made up her mind to go on a mission and began to prepare. She went on splits with missionaries in her home area several times per week. It becomes more clear every day that the Prophet knew what the Lord needed. Young missionaries who are well prepared, we see them every day and they are better prepared and know the gospel and are not afraid to share the gospel with anyone. What a wonderful time to serve along side these great young people.
Our ward mission leaders are doing better at encouraging their members to  line up meaningful visits to people who need to be strengthened in their faith. Last Sunday night one of the bishops called and asked if we would go with him to visit an older couple. The sister is actively participating in Church activities, the husband is not. We had a good visit and encouraged them to take advantage of the gospel in their lives.
 Monday night we met with a young couple who were very cordial with us and fed us a wonderful meal. We encouraged them to recognize how much the Lord loves them. They are not married but she has two children who need a good example in their lives. The man is a member but he has a job where he works on weekends. We hope to be able to follow up with them and encourage to put their lives in order so they can be married in the temple.
 Tuesday we had a meal with a great couple who are very involved in the Gospel. She is in the Relief Society presidency and she took us to a family where the mother is alone because of a divorce and has three children. The mother deals with some big health challenges and it is difficult for her to regularly attend meetings so the children are not attending very regularly either. The oldest two children are into electronic devices etc. so we encouraged them to use their talents and do some family history work. We hope they will meet with us again so we can encourage them more.
 Wednesday we met with a neat member family. They have three teenagers and a six year old. What a delightful family. The sister is in Primary and  took us to visit with a family with two young boys and took the oldest boy a Friend magazine. His parents said he loves to read, so that reading may help the parents recognize the blessings of the gospel as they read to him.
 Thursday we met with the Elder's quorum president and his family.They have four children from nine to two years of age. What a great family! We talked with the children about the Plan of Salvation with pictures to help the children be involved. The president then took us to two families that are mostly active but he just felt they needed some encouragement.
 Friday night we were visited by three different members of our own ward. One sister that Ruth has been visiting teaching for some time had lost her half brother had been shot and killed. She needed some emotional support big time. Two other sisters stopped in and gave us a nice meal. Both of the sisters are from the Philippines and fixed us a wonderful meal.
 Friday was a great day for us because our daughter Kaylene was sealed to her husband Ron in a very impressive ceremony in the Logan Temple. The officiator was a long time family friend of Ron's family and did a wonderful job explaining how the temple blesses lives.
 Saturday we celebrated Ruth's birthday (a couple of days late) with Keith and his family and Kaylene, Ron, and her two children and a son-in-law. It  was so nice to have such a gathering and to celebrate together.

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