Sunday, July 27, 2014

We have had a good week. The weeks where we are assigned to have meals with ward members always supplies us with a lot of good experiences. This week certainly fit that pattern. We met with three young people who have been called by their ward as family history consultants. These young people really understand the computer so they don't need a lot of instruction on how to apply their knowledge of the computer to family history. As Elder Bednar suggested, don't over program these young people, give them some basics and they will figure it out from there. One young man wasn't sure he needed any instructions, he taught us a few things about computers and Ruth figured she had three things he didn't know about family history. The future of the Church is in good hands.
We took some time during the week to do some home and visiting teaching and of course with the 24th of July celebration it was a little challenging to catch very many people home for visits. We have a couple of men we have been meeting with regularly to try to light a fire under them. One is responding quite well the other has some challenges. The one asked us to take him to Smithfield and to visit his mother whom he  hadn't seen in some time. She has a lot of family history written in the old journal type books but she has some people from the ward who are helping her get some names entered into the computer. Her son is quite interested in the family's history and is finding some things on Family Search that is exciting to him. Most of our lessons following meals this week were followed with some discussion and demonstration of family history. In one case the father is a member and the wife is not. She seemed a little intimidated by our presence but once we started talking about family history her demeanor changed and she was supplying information to her husband about his family. We set up an additional appointment later in the week at the Family History Center at the Stake Center and she was there and seemed to enjoy the evening. The sister missionaries stopped in for a while and she seemed more comfortable with them as well. Hopefully, that is a good sign as we move forward.
We had a fun appointment for dinner last night. The Elder's Quorum president invited us to dinner. They have three boys and her sister called and she, her husband and three more children stopped in to eat dinner as well. We gave the children the missionary lesson we have prepared. We gave them cards on missionary work as well as pictures of the Ogden Temple and talked to them about the upcoming open house. They really seemed to enjoy the time there.

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