Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another week has gone by and we have had many more experiences. A few that will be remembered were;
One night we were looking for an address but we couldn't spot the house numbers. As we turned around and drove along the street slowly we saw a number of girls playing together in a front yard. Suddenly they recognized us and came toward the car. Ruth rolled down the window and one little girl said "You're our missionaries, we pray for you every day." What a sweet experience and memory for us in the midst of some challenging times.
On Wednesday we were asked to take our sisters to work a shift in the Ogden Temple Open House. We had several hours before we were to pick them up so we stopped at the Mission Office and then went to the Bountiful Temple for a session. Just as the session was going to the endowment room a couple from our ward in Hyrum walked in. After the session we had a nice visit with them and then proceeded back to Ogden to pick up the sisters. We saw several sisters we have worked with while waiting for our sisters to finish their shift.
We went to Blacksmith Fork canyon to see if we could visit with a couple who were working as camp hosts, only to find they had moved to California to host at a year round camp. She was not a member and we were hoping to be able to teach some lessons, hopefully they will attend church in California and enjoy the blessings of the Gospel there.
Saturday Aug. 2 was the first day of the Ogden Temple Open House for the public. We had made a reservation and made the trip to Ogden with our granddaughter Hallie and her husband Te Te. We were so excited to see Hallie talking to Te Te about things in the temple and enjoying the experience. As we returned home Hallie was talking about after Te Te is baptized they will wait a year and then go to Montana to be sealed in the Billings temple. That made the trip worth while.
The Church puts the best of everything into the temples. The stone and wood workings are so outstanding in the Ogden Temple that is is just mind boggling. It gives one a glimpse of what it may be like to live in the presence of Heavenly Father.
We are thankful for our experiences and hope we are helping those we meet with come closer to the Savior which is the goal of missionary work.

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