Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monday there was a sister leader training in Ogden so we drove down and picked up the sisters from their meeting. We had a nice meeting with a less active on Wednesday afternoon. We went with the sisters and again, the effectiveness of having a member present was obvious. After discussing the Ten Commandments, the sisters asked us to explain family history. He was quite interested so we set up an appointment for this week to take him to our stake library and see what we can find for him. The sisters invited us to go with them the following day to another family that had asked about family history. They were really excited when we explained what the possibilities were for them. They thanked the sisters for bringing us with them. We will be meeting with them this coming week at the family history center. Thursday night we went to Keith's in Eagle Mountain so that we could see three of his girls march with West Lake color guard in the Provo Parade. It was great to see them but it was hotter than hot there. One of the most exciting things was the number of missionaries from the Provo Mission walking the parade route all together lead by their mission president and his wife. Elders, Sisters, and Senior Couples were all included. They received a lot of high fives and applause as they made their way along the route. It was great!
After lunch we came home so we could go to the temple early Saturday morning with a couple we had taught Temple Preparation classes. It was wonderful to be there with them and so joyous to see them sealed and then have their new son sealed to them. That's always a spiritual experience.
Saturday evening Ruth became quite ill so she stayed in bed. I went to the correlation meeting which was attended by our Area Seventy and our Stake President. Following correlation, we were invited to a meeting in the Stake President's office to discuss how we could improve sacrament meeting attendance, home teaching, and double the number of baptisms as well as reactivating members who are not currently attending. It is so wonderful to have a Stake Presidency that totally supports our efforts and are willing to do whatever they can to "Hasten the Work of Salvation." I went to a couple of sacrament meetings but I really felt alone as Ruth stayed home. By Monday she began to feel much better for which I was very grateful.

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