Monday, April 13, 2015

This week was a little bit challenging. With General Conference, we didn't hold a correlation meeting with our ward mission leaders. So this week we had to scratch for appointments. Finally toward the end of the week we sent out a plea to our ward mission leaders for some help but regrettably we only had one response to our plea, but it provided us with some families to visit. After dinner on Monday with a family we know we had a meeting with a family that wanted some help in family research. They have four children and three foster children in their home.We had a delightful visit and gave them some clues on how to find more ancestors. Our preparation included Ruth going to the temple for baptisms with Sher who went for the second week in a row. She is really working hard on her commitment to stay active in spite of opposition. She is now involved in temple preparation class so she can go to the temple for her own endowment.
  Following another good district meeting, we attended a temple session seeking guidance for our missionary class. The temple was very busy at that time because once a year Logan hosts Church Education teachers from all over the world, the session in front of us was full with these teachers and we had an extended wait at the end of the session, but it was a great time for reflection and inspiration. We had dinner with a family that we have become quite close with. They shared some sacred and spiritual experiences that they don't often share with anyone else. Our second missionary class includes how home and visiting teaching is connected with missionary work. The sister told us how a visiting teacher reached out to her and loved her and helped her return to activity. Her husband followed her on the path to activity through similar experiences. She is going to come to our missionary class next week and share her story.
  Thursday we had some families from one mission leader that we visited. One very good visit was to a family that doesn't attend very often. The wife has MS and husband is a returned missionary. She is training for a 40 mile MS bike a thon later in the year. We had a good visit, showed a video and then asked if we could have prayer before we left. They said yes, and he asked if he could give the prayer. That was a special experience.
  Friday we had a meal with a neat family with four girls and a much younger son who was sleeping. The father was still at work but we had a great meal and then challenged them to find names to take to the temple. We found a couple more families home that don't attend meetings regularly. In one family we caught them just as they were going out to buy some clothes for one son so they could attend a baptism on Saturday.
  Saturday was a fun day. The sisters had asked us to visit a family where the mother is a member and they are teaching the father. They are interested in family history so we tried to sign them into Family Search but their computer wasn't functioning too well. After trying several times, we asked them if we could meet them at the library at the stake center, and so we will meet them there next week. They are from the Marshall Islands so we hope we can find some information for them. We attended their ward on Sunday and found he and the children there.The mother was working.
 Saturday evening was a different experience. We had a dinner appointment and when we called to verify the appointment the sister said her husband wanted to pick us up in his Model A car and take us to the Bluebird restaurant in Logan. Wow, what an experience The car is in original condition and it was a real adventure for sure.The meals are always very good as well.
  Sunday was a good but exhausting day. We started the day with a meeting with the stake presidency and our sisters at 7:00 am. We followed that with three sacrament meetings. After the third sacrament meeting we came home for a little break. In our district meeting this week we had a role play exercise about finding. We played the role of our neighbor and committed to talk to her before our Monday correlation meeting. It is hard to find our neighbor home but she was home so we dropped over with a gift for the new baby that is due in a couple of months. We had noted a large display of crosses in the home so Ruth asked her about them. She said she just likes crosses and she buys them and friends and family also buy them for her. Ruth then asked her, where they went to church and she rather curtly said, "We don't go to church." Well, we tried but we will have more opportunities to talk and make an invitation.
Following our ward missionary correlation meeting we hurried to our dinner appointment with a neat family with three boys and then on to our missionary class. We were thrilled, we had about 20 people in attendance including a member of the stake presidency, his wife and daughter, our high councilor over missionary work, a new ward mission leader, and two returned missionaries. We had a wonderful discussion, the presentation went well, the equipment worked perfectly, we had a recently returned missionary from our ward talk about how members helped him on his mission. Everything just went very well. What a wonderful way to finish a week!

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