Monday, April 20, 2015

 We have had a good week. Every week is different but interesting. On Monday I had a medicine check up with my doctor. Everything went well, blessings of serving a mission. We were in our ward this week for meals and that is always nice. We were in homes of people we knew well and some that were new to us since we don't get to our own ward very often.
  Wednesday was district meeting as usual. Well, not so usual. We picked up our sisters for the meeting and on the way home they discovered their cell phone was missing. We went back to the building and the sisters scoured the room where we met to no avail. So, they called the zone leaders and asked them to send out a text to all the missionaries and see if someone picked up an extra phone, they are all the same kind of phone. No one responded so the zone leaders went back to the building where we held the meeting. After some searching, they called our phone and told us they had found the phone under the piano in the room where we had met. We went to the church and met the Z L's and rescued the phone. It was cute because as the Z L's drove away in their truck, we noticed they had built a snowman in the truck bed and had it decorated well. Our snow storm was really heavy and wet which is what we need for our mountain supply.
We had dinner with a new family in the ward. It is a divorced woman with two cute girls ages 7 and 4. They really are neat girls and were free with hugs.
  It was a normal week, some good lessons and a few cancellations. On Friday Ruth took some sisters to Ogden for music practice. There was a musical fireside in Logan last Sunday and one scheduled for Ogden on the 28th. These missionaries do such a great job with music with like two or three practices. Friday night we had a different dinner experience. A ward member had given us a gift card for a local pizza place and so we invited a predetermined family with a mother and four children to have dinner with us. We had a good meal and then watched the Mormon Channel production of Elder Bednar's talk about the loads we carry.
  Saturday was a special experience. Ruth had seen a posting on Facebook from a sister in a neighboring ward. She had been offended by some remarks made by someone close to her. Ruth has been reading "The Savior's Final Week", by Bro. Skinner, a professor of ancient scripture at B Y U.
She copied a few pages from the book and we went to visit this sister. Her husband was in the yard spraying weeds but joined us for the visit.We had a great visit, we shared thoughts and tears and then a prayer. As we left the husband followed us to the front yard and said. "Thank you for your visit. My wife has been struggling and I have been praying for help. You came today and brought empathy she needed not just sympathy for what she was experiencing." Thank you so much. That was a humbling but gratifying experience to say the least.
  Obviously, we spent a fair amount of time making sure we were well prepared for our second "Every Member a Missionary" class.
 Sunday we attended our own ward because one of our home teaching families had a daughter who had returned from her mission. We really enjoyed the report of her mission and the opportunity to be in classes with our ward members. We had dinner with a less-active neighborhood family and presented a video lesson to them,  We were happy that they were willing to invite us and have a short discussion with us before we had to leave for our class. We also squeezed in a family history lesson with a family  who are preparing to go to the temple soon.
  We were a little disappointed in the attendance for our class, only about half of the number that we had last week. However, we had a great discussion on how family history, home teaching, and visiting teaching can be used to help bring others to a realization of what the Gospel can do in their lives. Showing love and concern is the key to helping others realize how much the Savior loves them.
This is the church of God, it has been restored to the earth and we should be grateful for the opportunity to share it with everyone.

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