Tuesday, March 10, 2015

 This has been a good week for us. We are doing a lot of family history lessons and people are getting more interested in finding ancestors to take to the temple. Our Stake President recently explained that the Work of Salvation is going on on both sides of the veil. We need to provide the opportunity for those on the other side to realize the blessings promised by the atonement.
 On Wednesday we had training in Farr West because there are changes coming with I pads. New I pads will be issued and some new restrictions will be in place. Elder Clark and Bro.Donaldson were the trainers. When I pads were first issued to our missionaries there were no General Authorities present. Now Elder Clark explained where these meetings are held, there will be a General Authority in charge of every session. This was wonderful training, they explained that this training is not just for now but for the rest of your life. We need to be obedient, active missionaries forever. Elder Clark said that there is no more room for less-active returned missionaries in the Church. Elder Donaldson said if you don't like missionary work, you won't like after-life, and you'll just hate the millennium. So learn how to do it right and keep doing it the rest of your life. There was so much in this training, it was wonderful.
 We had another great District Meeting. Our D L is really trying hard to include Senior Couples and address how they can be more effective in their work. We had a wonderful initiatory session at the Temple following our meeting. Followed that with two more family history meetings.
 Friday was a wonderful temple day. Our home teacher for many years had a son who decided to be married in the temple. The son was his father's home teaching companion for many years and came with him last Sunday to make a verbal invitation to us to come to the wedding and dinner following.
Trevor decided not to serve a mission but felt like he wanted to be married instead. They are a cute couple and seem to be determined to make things work. They surely chose the right way to begin their journey.
 Saturday was another spiritual high. We traveled to Eagle Mountain for our granddaughter Kiersti's  baptism. She had two friends baptized at the same time. It was a wonderful baptism.  Jessie was asked to talk about the Holy Ghost and did a great job. Keith and Catherine do a great job preparing their children to understand the covenant of baptism.
Following a waffle bar at their home, we traveled to Tooele where Naomi and Caroline competed in the Winter Guard competition. Both teams did very well and both teams placed first in their divisions.We saw our former neighbors the Bartschi's who came to watch their daughter Megan compete. Our nephew Dwight Solomon Jr. and his sister Karma was there to see Karma's daughter on the Riverton team.
  Sunday was another wonderful day. We first went to church with Hallie and TeTe. Following sacrament meeting I was asked to ordain TeTe to the Aaronic Priesthood and the office of Priest.
We then attended all the meetings of the 13th Ward Conference. It was a great conference and well attended. Our ward mission leaders are still doing a great job getting appointments for our sisters. The sisters taught 30 lessons again during this week. Our evening was spent at a Youth Fireside at the Stake Center. The youth were challenged to write names of non-member and less active friends that came to their minds as two youth speakers and our sisters talked about the opportunity to share the Gospel. The ward mission leaders collected the names which should create a large number of opportunities for the missionaries.
 What a great work to be involved with!

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