Monday, March 30, 2015

   This has been a different but busy week. Monday our dinner was with a family that spends time each year in Alaska. She had cooked fresh salmon for dinner, and it was very good. After dinner we went to visit a family in the 14th ward. The ward mission leaders wife has been very helpful in setting up appointments for us to teach family history. We have really enjoyed these experiences. We also had a meeting in the same ward just before dinner as well.
  We had a nice rain storm for our prep day so I ran to the store and bought some fertilizer and spread it on the lawn during the rain. It is already showing nice and green.
  Wednesday after district meeting we went to the temple with a sister that we met through the sister missionaries. We had met with her and she didn't have enough information to get her own names so Ruth looked through her chart with decadency view and found four names. I followed the same guidelines on my line and found two female names as well. It was a wonderful experience. The sister missionaries went along as well. It was a great day. Some of our friends that we worked with at the temple were supervisors in the baptistery and they really made it a special day for all of us.
   We also visited with a couple that have become good friends and helped us quite a bit with a less-active fellow in their ward. She recently had rotator cuff surgery so we wanted to visit them. She recently purchased an i pad so we showed her a recent app that is available for family history. We had a request from a young men's leader to visit a guy he had been concerned about. We stopped in and made the invite to an activity. Later we received a message from the leader saying that the young man had attended the activity and had a blast.
 We had a good evening. We stopped to see a new family in our ward, they were having dinner so they asked us to come back a little later. We went next door to visit a sister that has had some real challenges recently, as we knocked the door opened and our Relief Society Pres. was just leaving following a visit. We had a great visit and showed a video on the Savior and then went next door again. The family has a new baby but were very welcoming to us.
  Thurs night we had a great dinner with a couple and two grandchildren that used to be our neighbors. The weather was so nice that we had dinner and a video presentation outside.
  We have spent a large amount of time working on a presentation for our ward for the fifth Sunday lesson on Charity. It is hard to pull things from several different sources and put the ideas and thoughts into an organized presentation. I told Ruth that I have a new appreciation for those who are on committees that write lessons for our study manuals.
  One day at the mail box I spoke to one of our neighbors and he expressed an interest in learning the new family history programs. We met at the stake center on Friday morning and got the couple signed into Family Search and showed them the i phone app for family history as well. It was a good experience.
  After putting the final touches on our Sunday presentation, Kaylene came out and went with Ruth and a friend to the General Women's meeting on Saturday evening. Sunday we went to a sacrament meeting and then went to our ward for the full block of meetings. It was good to be there and we had a good attendance and the combined meeting for our presentation. Based on the comments, we feel like we did fine.
One of our young men in our ward received his call to New Mexico, Farmington Mission and leaves in July. That is really exciting for us! He's a very good young man, we feel he will be a valiant missionary.
  We have taken time during the week to visit our home teaching families. Our last visit was with a single sister who has an adopted daughter from Haiti. We usually just visit but this time we asked her if we could share the new Easter video, Because of Him. She accepted and we were pleased.
 This past week marks eleven months that we have been serving. It seems to have gone quickly, especially recently since we have had a pretty full calendar.

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