Sunday, September 27, 2015

   We have had a good week, however, for some reason it seemed to be a week where it was hard to find people at home. We kept trying and did some visiting to people that are normally available.
   We are still meeting weekly with a young couple from the fifth ward that are working their way back to full activity. This week the Elder's quorum president joined us as we taught the importance scripture study and prayer. We also discussed the role of the Holy Ghost in the learning process. The next thing we talked about was keeping the Sabbath day holy. In America the Sabbath has become a holiday rather than a holy day. The meaning of Sabbath comes from Hebrew meaning rest. As Elder Nelson taught, you don't need a list of things to do or not to do on the Sabbath the question is,"What sign do you want to give to God?"
 We had a lesson about indexing with a sister who is older but wanted to learn more about the work and blessing of the indexing program.
  Thurs. we had a senior couple luncheon and training meeting. There will be a big shake up in the mission early in October, the next transfer. There will be twenty-six new missionaries which will affect almost every companionship in the mission in one form or another. The mission presidency is looking at how we are doing things and how we should be doing the work so these new missionaries and the ones currently serving are doing things in the Lord's way.
  We have had a couple of deaths in our area this past week. The first was a father to a family who used to live across the street from us and recently moved. The father was diagnosed with cancer about eleven months ago. He had a stroke about fifteen years ago and was somewhat mobile with some walking support. However, he contracted cancer in the hip that was quite paralyzed from the stroke. The last couple of months were rather challenging for him and the family.
The second was a brother who has had congestive heart failure. We have been visiting he and his wife and enjoying those visits. He and his wife were good friends with  Uncle Wayne and aunt Jo in Modesto, California for many years. He had been in an assistant living facility for a few weeks. We saw him about a week before he died. The morning he died, his wife went to visit. He said he had been having some black our episodes and as they talked he experienced on of those incidents, took a couple of shallow breaths and passed away. We will miss both of these friends.
  Today has been a good day. We started with an early morning stake council meeting. We received training on what the Church is developing to help those in the Church with disabilities. It was quite eye opening to see the recognition of many different challenges people face and how the ward members can be of service to them. We attended a ward council meeting and then three sacrament meetings. Two sacrament meetings were the annual Primary presentations. Those young people really do well in saying and singing their testimonies of the Savior.
  We had a nice meal with a family tonight after our correlation meeting and then had an impression to go see a sister we have known since she was baptized about a year ago. She was just pulling into her driveway as we pulled up. We had a great visit. She has not been attending meetings regularly and we and the ward leadership have noted her absence. As we talked she explained that she has tried to live a good life but has been hurt by some people who she trusted but was abused by them. As a result, she felt maybe the Lord didn't really care about her. We showed her the video, "Mountains to Climb." As she related what had been going on she was very tearful. She has been close to a friend with similar background who has been busy with family and not able to spend time with her as before. We assured her that we loved her and the Lord loved her and was aware of her struggles. As we were leaving we asked her if we could have prayer with her. She said she would like to say the prayer. She asked the Lord to heal her heart and let her have peace in her life. We are going to stay in touch with her and the ward mission leader is going to involve some people she knows to help fellowship her back to activity.

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