Monday, June 8, 2015

  We have had a great week. Our sisters needed a fair amount of help and we are always happy to provide assistance to them. We have had some great visits with members, some active and some not so active. The neat thing about teaching family history is that everyone has an interest in their families and what has occurred as well as what is happening now. Some are interested in doing some research and finding opportunities to do temple work for their families and some are not quite in that position. Nevertheless, we try teach them to the level of their current interests.
 Our District meeting this week focused on our testimonies. We had a spiritual time sharing testimonies in differing circumstances and trying to invite the spirit into each situation.
We stopped in the afternoon to talk to a sister who struggles to get to church meetings. She said she felt like she had a good relationship with the Savior and didn't always feel a need to go to meetings.
After we got home, we talked about her attitude and the next morning I sent her a text telling her that the most important reason to go to church on Sunday was to partake of the Sacrament. I was sad that I didn't think of that while we were in her home.
One of our ward mission leaders had arranged to have us go on visits with him on Wed. night. We dropped in to three families and found two of them available for visits. Our first visit was to a Primary teacher in the ward. Her husband is active in scouting and we went with the idea of talking with her husband about the next ordinance for him. He does not hold the Melchizedek Priesthood and so hasn't been able to take his wife to the temple. He was at Weblo scouts making rockets however. But we had a great visit with the sister. She was out four wheeling about three weeks ago and had an accident where she was thrown off the machine and really did a job on her right wrist. She has had some surgery and may have to have more but she seems to be recovering. She had knee replacement surgery a few years ago and was so happy that her knee was not injured. She told about the wonderful feeling of comfort she received following the accident and was so grateful for that power of the Holy Ghost she felt. She is sad because she has to make sure her arm and wrist are not re injured and so she is unable to teach her Primary class. It was an unfortunate accident but a testimony builder for both of them.
The second visit was to a lady that has some health challenges. She claimed that Sunday is a family day. Her family usually gets together so she doesn't want to leave them to go to meetings. The ward mission leader picked up on that right away and explained the importance of attending meetings to have the opportunity to partake of the sacrament.
  We had some good visits on Thursday. We visited two active families and left messages. One fellow lost his wife about five years ago. Even though he was surprised with our visit, we could tell he enjoyed having someone stop in and visit him. He is obviously lonely, event though he stays busy and is active in the church. We went to see a mother and daughter and found no one home but the neighbor recognized us and came right over and told us the mother had been admitted to a Salt Lake hospital for some medical problems and would be gone for a while.
We then went to our stake family history center and met with a mother and daughter by appointment. The daughter found some good information. I was trying to help the mother on her family line but I am not as good a helper as I would like to be. However, we found some information that changed here attitude from "I really don't enjoy this" to "That's great, let's try it again next week."
   We spent a goodly amount of time on Friday preparing our Sunday missionary class and helping the sisters. One visit was to a boy, Coltan in our ward who is getting baptized on Saturday.We are excited, the boy is eleven and his mother is showing a lot of interest, the father; not so much. Anyway, the baptism was wonderful and the mother even bore her testimony and also invited us to come and help here do some family history research.
  Following the baptism we attended a birthday party with a fellow and his family that used to be neighbors. It is a family we became close with. They invited us to a temple session but we missed that to attend the baptism. We did go for a barbecue luncheon. Last year I think we went to three sealing sessions in a row when this couple was in the same room with us. We really think highly of them. Shawn is crafty and made some silver looking sunflower pins or tie tacks. The message attached is a sunflower always follows the sun, and we should always follow the Son.
 Sunday was what has become a normal Sunday lately. We started off early with a missionary meeting with the stake presidency, we then went to a sacrament meeting, and then we went to our own ward where Coltan was confirmed. We also had two baby blessings. The building was packed, nearly 300 people in attendance. Unfortunately, about sixty percent were ward members, the others were visitors. The Stake President attended and he was impressed. We had a wonderful opportunity to stay for the whole block in our ward. We stopped at the house, grabbed a bite to eat and then went to our missionary correlation meeting then on to our final member missionary class. We had a wonderful turnout again and had some wonderful participation in discussions about how we could be missionaries and how we could use family history, visiting teaching, and home teaching as tools of invitation and activation. After our class we had our sisters at the house for a weekly correlation meeting because they have interviews with the mission president on Monday.
  We feel ever so strongly about the importance of our work. We sometimes run a little short of energy by the end of the week but the Lord is good to us and gives us strength and stamina that helps us meet the next day with desire to do the work.

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