Monday, May 25, 2015

This has been a good week for us. We have done a good deal of preparation for things happening later in the week. One of the fun evenings was Monday when we accepted a dinner invitation to eat with our stake president and his family. Following a delicious dinner, we talked about some of the scriptures pertaining to family history. Then we had a session on the computer, the youngest boy wanted to show us some of the names he had found and how he found them. He did it a little differently than we teach but his way produced results. As Elder Scott said recently, the young people will do much of the heavy lifting in this work. It is obvious that they are very well learned in the techniques of using the computer to find information, including learning the program that is developed for finding ancestors names.
Wednesday we held our final senior couples meeting with Pres. and Sis Hiers in Ogden. We will have one more "goodbye meeting" with them later in the month but it will be similar to a zone conference. We had some great training on how the keys of the priesthood are designed and delegated to help all of the programs of the Church, including missionary work run effectively.
Sundays are becoming perpetual meeting day. We attended three sacrament meetings yesterday and then we held a training meeting in the 13th Ward with four youth who have been called as family history consultants. The High Priest leadership also attended but they didn't catch on nearly as quickly as those young people. After dinner we each presented talks about family history and personal experiences from our families to a singles +31 fireside. Ruth gave those in attendance several opportunities to make comments or talk about some experiences as we encouraged to make a record of their lives. After the meeting, the coordinator said that was the best participation ever in their firesides.
It was a long but rewarding day.
Today is Memorial Day. We enjoyed it with family at the Payson cemetery where many of our ancestors are buried, here is Ruth's observation of the events of the day.
We had a great day with family in Payson, Utah. The trip home was very eventful, though, with two incidents. The first one was a stalled car on the freeway in the lane we were driving in. Dad did a miraculous swerve to the left to avoid a collision. Shortly thereafter we hit an object on the freeway and it took a big chunk out of our tire. We sat on the inside lane of the freeway with cars zooming by at rocket speed. We couldn't get out because we were afraid we might be hit by a car, so we called roadside assistance and waited quite a while until someone came in a tow truck to help us. We stopped down the road and bought a new tire and had it put on the car. We are now home and grateful to be home!!!! We are so very blessed!
One more observation, we sat on the freeway for nearly and hour. With all the cars zooming by, only one person stopped to see if we needed help. It was a young man, who was clean-cut and good looking; on a motorcycle who screeched to a stop in front of our car. He wanted to see if he could provides some help to us. We were surprised that until the road service truck was finished changing the tire there was not a highway patrol unit in sight. He stopped and asked us what happened. He told us he had no other reports of anyone else having a problem in the area so when we hit whatever it was, it must have flipped it off the freeway.

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