Monday, February 23, 2015

Well, we made up a little for eating at Wendy's for Valentine's Day. On Monday night we went to the Ellen Eccles Theater and saw Jay Richards production of "Little Women." It is a great story and a great production.
We are in the midst of ward conferences and the Stake President wants us to be there. It is great to be able to be in these wards and to know many of the members because we have been in their homes. Sunday was the Fifth Ward Conference. The sacrament meeting format is that the bishop talks, a member of the ward council is asked to bear their testimony, and then Pres. Davis speaks. They are good meetings and enjoyable to be there. We usually attend one or two other sacrament meetings and this Sunday we also had a meeting with some of the bishopric of the Third ward concerning a member of their ward who needs their attention. We also attended the Spanish missionary correlation meeting. Since our Spanish missionaries cover three stakes in our area, it is good to know what they are doing and try to help them with their work.
Monday mornings we hold our correlation meeting with our sisters. Following that meeting we took two of our sister leaders to Ogden for meetings. When we returned we had dinner with Bishop Berry's family in the Thirteenth Ward. What a great family! Nearly a year ago they lost a daughter to cancer. Fortunately she was able to go to the temple for her endowments. They are a faithful family, and they shared some sacred experiences with us about her and some things that have happened since her death.
We talked about family history and it was well accepted. We have a return appointment this week to see if we can help them find some family names to take to the temple. One daughter is sixteen and she thought it would be fun for her to organize a date night for several couples to go together to a family history center and do indexing, then go have more fun together. We appreciate our youth!
   Our Prep days are usually busy but in the afternoon we made a visit on the way to our dinner appointment. We have a cute video we are using called "Woven Generations" that we show then discuss how that is done through research and temple work. After dinner we visited a couple, the husband has just been called as the Stake Indexing Director. That was a great visit, then we attended the Fourth Ward family history fair where they had good attendance. It was well organized and we were impressed that they had youth teaching in some of the classes. We followed with a meeting with our Stake President who was gracious with his compliments and we discussed some things we want to do going forward.
  Wednesday would normally have  been transfer day but because of conflicts it was put off for a day. We had a fun meal with the Thirteenth ward mission leader and his family. The children were so excited with the "My Family" booklets and the coloring pages we copied from a book we picked up at the Roots Tech Conference. The sisters asked us to visit a less active family that are returning to activity and have a boy turning eight soon. The father is preparing to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood so he can baptize and confirm his son. We gave the family a short Gospel lesson and presented the boy with a child's Book of Mormon. It was a good visit.
  On of our sisters, Sis. Mathison was transferred to Benson but she was replaced by Sis. Geetz who was involved with TeTe getting baptized, so we are happy that she will be in our stake for the last transfer before she completes her mission.
  We had some great visits and then visited a member of our ward to see if we could arrange a visit with a non-member neighbor. We also presented their children with the short video and coloring pages. Our area Seventy Elder Laing presented some training to the Stake Presidents, High Council members over missionary work and most of the senior couples. He talked about the workings of the ward councils in Hastening the Work of Salvation. It was a very good meeting.
  On Friday we had an interesting day of service. We went with Hallie and a bus load of students from her school to Salt Lake to visit the Clark Planetarium. We were the chaperons along with two people from the school. It was a good day except coming home some of the kids got a little rowdy and caused some problems on the bus. The Planetarium is very interesting,  The I Max presentations make things so real. The content of the presentations show a wonderful display of the universe and shows how well things are organized. One interesting thing was how stars have a life span and then they explode. Those explosions return matter to the universe and in time more stars and bodies are made from the material created by those novas or explosions.
After we returned home we had a neat visit with a young family with four children. The children were very excited to learn about family history and the parents were excited and curious enough that they asked us to come back next week for another session. The father in the family is the only member of the Church so he has a lot of people he is curious about. It will be fun to see what we can find for them.
 Saturday we went to the Mount Logan Stake for a Family History Discovery Day. We didn't know the schedule so when we arrived there were some classes in progress but we were able to get an outline of their day and we will probably use some of their ideas as we are looking at hosting a similar event in our stake in the near future. We were invited to dinner at the Ringer home and they also had four children that were interested in our presentation and the booklets and coloring pages we left for them.
  Yesterday was a great Sunday. We attended the ward council in the 10th ward where the stake presidency gave the training. It was a great meeting and even though it was mostly training there was some good discussion on different families in the ward that need some attention. Pres. Netzley lives in that ward and said that wherever he went on visits, the Castleton's had already been there. Their bishop gave a wonderful, heart warming talk in Sacrament meeting and the Stake President is always right on with his comments.
  We then went to Richmond to hear Jonathan Dayton give his returning missionary address and then enjoyed time with the family with a meal at the Civic Center in Richmond. We came home and visited a family for home teaching, attended our missionary correlation meeting then our home teacher came and visited. It was a great Sunday!


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