Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10, 2014

The time is going fast. Every week gets a little busier. We are having great cooperation from our ward mission leaders and getting to know a lot of people that we wouldn't meet otherwise. This week we even met with an investigator because the sister missionaries had another appointment. We were accompanied by the ward mission leader and had a great visit with the family. We are very hopeful that he will be baptized in the near future.
Another wonderful experience was going to the temple for baptisms with a sister that was just baptized the end of April. We went to her home a couple of times, got her registered on Family Search and then went back and entered her mother, father and brothers names so we could print our the FOR for those three.
She asked Elder Castleton to baptize her for her mother, and then Elder Castleton was baptized for her father and brother. There were several people at the temple to celebrate with her which made it a very special day. Something different was that they allowed those in her party to come into the baptismal font area for the baptisms. Following the baptisms, Elder Castleton confirmed the sister for her mother near the font and then a temple worker confirmed him for the father and brother.
We had some wonderful visits to mostly less-active members with our Relief Society President on Wednesday.  We have also had some great experiences making visits to others in our area.  We have been very well received and have enjoyed getting to know the people in our Stake.   It just keeps getting better every week. We are so grateful to the Lord for this wonderful blessing. We are just praying that the people we visit feel the spirit and want to embrace the Gospel and be active participants.
Elder and Sister Castleton

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